OGGM workshop 2019

to be held 17-21 June 2019 in Grenoble, France

Posted by Nicolas Champollion on February 8, 2019

DEADLINE EXTENSION: The registration is extended until April 21, 2019 !!!

The 2019 OGGM workshop will take place from June 17th to 21st in Grenoble, France.

What is it ?

The OGGM workshop is an annual, informal meeting for developers, users, and future users of the OGGM model. The workshop is open to any interested scientist (within the limits of our capacities!).

Save the date

Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th June 2019 for the workshop, and Thursday 20th to Friday 21st June 2019 for the trainings and coding sessions (hands-on). If you are coming from far away, you might plan one day before and/or after the workshop for travel.


The workshop will be held at Hotel les Mésanges, in the vicinity of Grenoble. The hotel provides all facilities for our workshop (incl. catering). The location is accessible by bus from Grenoble campus (about 30/40 mins). Depending on the bus stop, you will be in front of the hotel or need a short walk (500 m). More information on logistics will be provided to registered participants later.

The hands-on session will be held at IGE lab, in the Saint-Martin d’Hères campus close to Grenoble. IGE lab is 20/25 minutes away by tram from Grenoble main train station.


This tentative schedule is for orientation only. We would like this workshop to be as flexible as possible and will adjust to the needs and suggestions of the participants! The first part of the workshop (17-19th of June) has two main objectives:

  1. State of OGGM : the first sessions will be spent with presentations from the participants about the state, recent developments and results of OGGM, and its place in the international context of glacier modelling.

  2. Future developments and visions for OGGM : the rest of the sessions will be dedicated to specific discussions and more general brainstorming about the future and goals of the OGGM project.

This workshop will be followed by two days of hands-on sessions in smaller groups at the IGE in Grenoble:

  • Beginner tutorials: these sessions are for current and future OGGM users to get to know the model internals, and learn how to set-up and customize a model run.
  • Code sprints: we will address specific coding challenges together, in the form of a programming sprint.
  • Q&A: we will leave time open to discuss actual problems in the model itself, and try to develop strategies to solve them.

This second part is targeting current and future model users, or people interested in the model internals. It will be rather technical and could be skipped if you do not plan to use the model yourself.

Who can participate ?

Anyone interested in the model, or in glaciological modelling in general! In particular, we would like to encourage potential users and developers to join us to get to know each other and to gather first-hand information about the model internals, as well as PhD students and young scientists. Note that in case of high interest we might have to limit the number of participants.

Workshop fee

For the workshop part, the hotel accommodation (night & breakfast) is €90.10 in a single room and €55.10 in a twin room, per night and per person. The conference fee is €250.

For the training part there are no fees, and attendants should take care of their own accommodation and meals (some suggestions will be provided later).


If you wish to participate to the workshop or if you have questions regarding the organization please send us an e-mail at info [at] oggm.org before March 31st, 2019.


Nicolas Champollion, Fabien Maussion and Ben Marzeion.

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