Third OGGM workshop - a short summary

23-25 May 2018 in Innsbruck, Austria

Posted by Fabien Maussion on June 29, 2018

Better late than sorry, in this last day of the semester I finally found the time to report about our recent OGGM workshop. It was our third meeting altogether, but also the first one to be publicly advertised on CRYOLIST.

We had 21 participants, 8 of which without previous OGGM experience who came to learn about the model. The workshop was a real success in many aspects, one of them being the great location right above the city!

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The group gets bigger every year!

We had a fully packed agenda, divided in three main blocks:

  1. Status of OGGM: the first day was spent with 12 presentations from the participants about recent model developments and results. These were divided into thematic blocks: “Status and history of OGGM”, “Ice thickness estimation methods”, “Past glacier evolution”, and “Current development of OGGM”. It was great to see that so many people are working and planning to work with the model!

  2. Future developments and visions for OGGM: the second day was dedicated to general discussions and brainstorming about the future and goals of the OGGM project. The discussions were vivid and fruitful, and we ended up with a working document which we will share at a later stage.

  3. Tutorial: the third day was dedicated to tutorials and in-depth discussions about the model structure and usage - I hope that everybody could take something out of it!

I’m very glad that so many could come to this workshop, and I am looking forward to the next one in 2019!

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