OGGM - IGM Glacier Modeling Workshop 2024

26 - 30 August, Chateau d'Œx, Switzerland

Posted by Guillaume Jouvet, Anouk Vlug, Samuel Cook, Fabien Maussion, Tancrède Leger, and Ben Marzeion on January 19, 2024

What is it?

The workshop is the 8th in a series that has brought together the community of users and developers of the Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM). This year, we are excited to organize it jointly with the Instructed Glacier Model (IGM) community. Both models complement each other: IGM uses OGGM as a pre-processing tool, and OGGM incorporates IGM as one of its glacier evolution models. This synergy makes this workshop particularly timely and interesting.

The workshop welcomes anyone interested in glacier modeling, especially active developers and users of OGGM or IGM. Its primary objective is to address the challenges and solutions in glacier modeling, foster mutual learning, and discuss ideas and visions for advancing glacier models. Attendees can expect a mix of scientific presentations, hands-on coding sessions, and discussion/brainstorming sessions, all in an informal setting. The workshop will also allow ample time for hikes in the stunning Swiss Alps.


  • modelling of glaciers at large scales (mountain range to global scale)
  • glacier change projections and impacts of glacier change (hydrology, hazards, sea-level rise)
  • data assimilation and ice thickness inversion
  • paleo-simulations and glacier reconstructions
  • model development, calibration, validation
  • vizualisation of glacier model results


We aim to maintain a flexible schedule that adapts to the participants’ needs, interests, and suggestions. Typically, mornings will be reserved for presentations, with afternoons dedicated to group discussions and hands-on sessions.

  1. Scientific presentations: Participants presentations (approx. 5-20 minutes) on topics relevant to the workshop.
  2. Discussion/brainstorming sessions: These will focus on future prospects and visions for the two glacier models.
  3. Hands-on sessions in smaller groups, including:
    • Beginner tutorials: For current and prospective OGGM/IGM users to learn about setting up and customizing model runs.
    • Advanced tutorials: Covering topics like How to contribute to OGGM/IGM, using OGGM/IGM with your own datasets, or integrating OGGM/IGM components into other models.
    • Q&A session: Discussing modeling challenges and potential solutions.
  4. Excursions: Weather permitting, we plan to organize one or more excursions nearby.

Who can participate?

The workshop is open to anyone involved in glaciological modeling, particularly those using OGGM or IGM. However, we also welcome anyone interested in learning about these models. Please note, participant numbers are limited to around 30 due to accommodation and logistical constraints. Also, be aware that there is no online option: you must be able to attend in-person.


The workshop will be held at the Chateau d’Œx chalet. Château-d’Œx, a picturesque village in Switzerland, is renowned for its idyllic setting amidst the Swiss Alps. Characterized by traditional chalets adorned with vibrant flowers, the village exudes a quintessential Alpine charm. It’s particularly famous for its annual hot air balloon festival, which adds a burst of color to its clear blue skies. Surrounded by lush meadows and rolling hills, Château-d’Œx serves as a serene retreat and a hub for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.


Chateau d’Oex is accessible by train, by taking the half-hourly GoldenPass service from Montreux (stop: Château d’Oex) in the direction of Interlaken or Zweisimmen. Montreux is at the eastern end of Lake Geneva and has regular train services along the lakeshore (with great views!) to Lausanne and Geneva (including Geneva airport: < 90 minutes by train), up the Rhône Valley in the direction of the Simplon pass, and northwards towards Fribourg and Bern. Connections from Basel and Zürich airports are lengthier but possible (> 120 minutes).

Arrival / departure dates

The workshop starts at Chateau d’Oex on August 26, 2024 in the morning and ends on August 30, 2024 after lunch. We recommend participants to arrive on Sunday the 25th if possible (accomodation and dinner on the 25th will be included in the workshop fee).

Accommodation / meals and workshop fee

Details to be announced. We expect the fee (including accomodation and meals at the workshop venue) to be around 500 Swiss Francs.

Registration procedure

If you are interested in participating, please complete the registration form by April 7th. Kindly note that participant numbers are capped at 30, owing to limitations in accommodation and logistics. Consequently, should we receive more applications than available spots, a selection process will be implemented based on responses provided in the form. Selected participants will be notified of the decisions by mid-April. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to info@oggm.org.


Guillaume Jouvet, Anouk Vlug, Samuel Cook, Fabien Maussion, Tancrède Leger, and Ben Marzeion

Past workshops

If you like to get a better feeling of what the workshop could be like, you can have a look at the summary reports of the previous editions:


This event get financial support from the Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur la montagne.

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