Regular OGGM meetings: calls and workshops

OGGM Open Calls

There are two types of open meetings we have regularly have on-line within the OGGM community. We hold check-in meetings every second Wednesday. These meetings are held on Slack (reach out if you want to join in). The check-in meetings are a good place to keep up to date of what’s happening, ask questions and discuss work in progress. In addition on the other Wednesdays we have started the OGGM “Science Café”. The science café is a meeting were we can have a discussion on a specific topic (e.g. discuss an article) or have a (invited) presentation on a topic that is relevant to the community. Both these meetings are open to anyone!

Currently the meetings alternate between 10:00-11:00 and 17:00-18:00 CET/CEST, but we can change this. A google calendar has been setup with these regular times (GCAL / ICAL). The OGGM “Science Cafés” only take place when there is content, so suggestions are very much welcome. If the status remains “Open Time Slot”, the meeting is not happening on that specific date. For more info about the content of a specific science cafe, click on the meeting in the calendar bellow:

And here are the meeting notes (use this link to edit, as the display below might be slow):

Annual workshops

These workshops are held at a different location each year! Watch out this website and CRYOLIST for future workshop announcements.