OGGM-Edu at AGU 2019

Can interactive contents be discussed in a poster?

Posted by Fabien Maussion on December 6, 2019

Last summer, our colleague and collaborator Lizz Ultee conducted a weeklong workshop on Glaciology and Glacial Water Resources at the Clubes de Ciencia Perú 2019.

Parts of her materials were provided by OGGM-Edu and then translated and extended by her for the specific learning outcomes of the workshop. You can find her notebooks (in Spanish) on github.

We are thrilled to see our platform used in this way, as this is exactly the kind of applications we hoped our platform would facilitate.

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A participant leans over to confer with his neighbour about an exercise in their notebooks. (Photo: T. León Rojas)

In addition to the notebooks templates, we also provided a dedicated Jupyter Hub with which the students could run their notebooks online, in a controlled environment.

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An example view of an OGGM-Edu Jupyter notebook displayed in Binder. Markdown headers and text structure the notebook around cells of executable Python code. Activities for students appear in bold. Tabs (near the top) separate active notebooks. Additional files, such as the raw Python code for commonly used functions (CdeC.py), appear in the left sidebar file directory. (Screenshot: L. Ultee)

If you want to know more about the project, go talk to Lizz at her poster (pdf) on Friday 13th, or visit our website at edu.oggm.org!