OGGM at EGU 2018

Vienna, Austria

Posted by Beatriz Recinos on April 16, 2018

There were a lot more contributions from the OGGM team at the 2018 EGU assembly in Vienna, Austria. A total of 5 researchers presented the model and their research using OGGM accross different sessions. See abstracts:

  1. “Testing the consistency between changes in simulated climate and European glacier length over the past millennium” (Talk).
  2. “The influence of natural climate variability on Canadian Arctic glaciers during the last millennium” (Talk).
  3. “Towards the implementation of the Open Global Glacier Model output data into the global hydrological model WaterGAP 2.2” (Poster).
  4. “The Open Global Glacier Model” (Poster).
  5. “Impact of frontal ablation on estimates of ice mass stored in glaciers of Alaska” (Poster).

According to the questions and feedbacks from the audience, the talks and posters were a success! We are pleased that the team gets larger every year and had more representation at EGU than previous assemblies. We even got the attention of the EGU cartoonists who drawn one of the #CartoonAbstracts for us:

Image missing

Who knows maybe next EGU we might get a poem about OGGM!