Welcome to the OGGM tutorials!

If you are new to jupyter notebooks or to jupyterlab, we recommend to have a look at our introduction to jupyter notebooks first!

If you are reading this from our webpage (https://oggm.org/tutorials), remember that each page displayed here is in fact a jupyter notebook! You can start an interactive version of these tutorials online with MyBinder by clicking on the “launch button” on the top right of this page (the little rocket 🚀).

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Beginner tutorials:

Advanced tutorials:

Other things:

  • holoviz_intro: an introduction to the HoloViz vizualisation ecosystem (previously called PyViz)

  • dem_comparison: compare the various DEMs available in OGGM

Have fun learning OGGM!

Package versions used to build this documentation:

# Package versions
from oggm.utils import show_versions
# OGGM environment: 
## System info:
    python: 3.10.4.final.0
    python-bits: 64
    OS: Linux
    OS-release: 5.11.0-1028-azure
    machine: x86_64
    processor: x86_64
## Packages info:
    oggm: 1.5.3
    numpy: 1.21.5
    scipy: 1.8.0
    pandas: 1.4.2
    geopandas: 0.10.2
    netCDF4: 1.5.8
    matplotlib: 3.5.1
    rasterio: 1.3a3
    fiona: 1.8.21
    pyproj: 3.3.0
    shapely: 1.8.1.post1
    xarray: 2022.3.0
    dask: 2022.04.0
    salem: 0.3.7-3-g0ae5885
    OGGM git identifier: 4eeb7a964b58f27fc2e55163be768641f7f1ce20