New project funded!

Making OGGM "future-ready"

Posted by Fabien Maussion and Ben Marzeion on June 10, 2021

Some very good news came in the mail last week: a project proposal entitled “A future-ready Open Global Glacier Model” has been accepted for funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

We responded to a specific call entitled “Qualitätssicherung von Forschungssoftware durch ihre nachhaltige Nutzbarmachung”, which is quite tricky to translate. But in short: it seeks to improve the quality of scientific software tools by improving their code to be more sustainable and maintainable. If you are interested in the specifics, you are welcome to have a look at our proposal here (pdf).

We are thrilled by this opportunity, because it will allow us to hire someone to work specifically on OGGM internals, without the usual pressure to produce new results. We will be looking for a new collaborator soon, so watch this space!