Happy 2018 and OGGM logos

Corporate design is a real thing!

Posted by Fabien Maussion on January 8, 2018

The OGGM team wishes you a successful and happy 2018!

Many exciting things are going to happen this year with the imminent submission of our first OGGM paper to Geoscientific Model Development (more on this soon!), the 2018 OGGM workshop which is the first to be opened to external participants, the start of a new project based on OGGM lead by Hugues Goosse at the UC Louvain, and much more!

You might have noticed that the OGGM website had its “Santa costume” put on for the last couple of weeks. If you missed it, here is a screenshot:

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Aren’t they sweet? This brings me to the second topic of this post:

OGGM logos

If you want to use our logos for your posters, presentations, papers, you are welcome to do so! We have several version of them, here are the download links:

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full logo: pdf, large (2004x856), large with alpha channel, small (502x214), small with alpha channel

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icon logo: small (135x157), small with alpha channel

That’s all for today!