Merge, analyse and visualize OGGM GCM runs#

In this notebook we want to show:

  • How to merge the output of different OGGM GCM projections into one dataset

  • How to calculate regional values (e.g. volume) using the merged dataset

  • How to use HoloViews and Panel to visualize the outcome. This part uses advanced plotting capabilities which are not necessary to understand the rest of the notebook.

This notebook is intended to explain the postprocessing steps, rather than the OGGM workflow itself. Therefore some code (especially conducting the GCM projection runs) does not have many explanations. If you are more interested in these steps you should check out the notebook Run OGGM with GCM data.

GCM projection runs#

The first step is to conduct the GCM projection runs. We choose two different glaciers by their rgi_ids and conduct the GCM projections. Again if you do not understand all of the following code you should check out the Run OGGM with GCM data notebook.

# Libs
from time import gmtime, strftime
import geopandas as gpd
import shapely.geometry as shpg
import xarray as xr
import numpy as np

# Plotting
import holoviews as hv
import panel as pn


# Locals
from oggm import utils, workflow, tasks
import oggm.cfg as cfg
from import gcm_climate